Stacey Krantz, Custom Jewelry in Frederick MD

An Award winning custom jewelry designer and goldsmith, Stacey Krantz has cultivated a distinct modern design language deeply rooted in appreciation of the details in the natural world. Combining her design aesthetic with technical skills centered on traditional techniques, her work presents rare and unique offerings. Contrary to most modern jewelers, she not use any type of computer aided design or manufactured pieces. Stacey’s focus on mastery of traditional metal and goldsmithing techniques includes a 20 year career Studying under masters in many aspects of traditional jewelry making, including hand was carving, advanced stone setting and traditional hand engraving.

“My constant goal has been mastery of traditional metal and goldsmithing techniques including old-world construction, wax carving, stone setting, fabrication and engraving. My business is my artistry in service of my clients. In every instance my intention is for each piece to honor my client, to use my designer's eye and technical skills to execute what, in many cases, can be the most personally meaningful and symbolic pieces for the wearer.” -Stacey Krantz Custom Jewelry Designer and Goldsmith In addition to custom fine jewelry Stacey has been designing collections of sterling silver and 14k vermeil everyday wearable pieces. Each piece is inspired by the beauty found in nature, helping us to embody gratitude. There is nothing like wearing or gifting something made by hand and created with love.