Remember Beauty Everywhere

Remember Beauty Everywhere

Today I walked the circle driveway of my farmhouse, round and round, round and round. I do this most days. It was particularly vibrant today, so alive. The sun glistening, the soft pine needles underfoot the cool air kissing the skin of my face. 

The walking helps the ideas land. I think clearer, breath deeper and can start to visualize what I want to make that day in the studio, a flash of something in my memory turning the cogs a spin, seeing it come forth step by step in my minds eye.

It’s a mystery really, one that actually requires a turning off of the thinking mind. Where the heart opens and joy is a propulsive, inescapable force. But effortless, I know I’m there because I can sense the dropping away and the showing back up. The mind now alight and free. No technical obstacle insurmountable. All lanes open. 

This was particularly so today. I had recently sketched a series of pendants I want to complete as a group. But for some reason I just wanted to work on a cuff bracelet. I’ve been so excited about these fantastic direct casting of tree lichens. They are so delicate and lacy and precious. I’ve made a few pieces with them already. So I sat down and made the work.

Over the past few years I have been allowing myself to literally make whatever stikes me. Not thinking about practicality or wearability (well somewhat) or price point or anything other than….what is it that you’d like to make today ? Trusting that the time is well spent.


It’s fascinating what has emerged with this broad creative freedom I’m finally allowing myself. This is how I’d started. Just making whatever rose up in my minds eye. But now I realize that building a business, systems of management and marketing and administration along with raising two active children had put a damper on this creative freedom.


Now I have reliable help and great support systems. I’ve allowed the mystery of creation its rightful place in my day to day. Sometimes I resist it. I want to run in the direction of task accomplishing, but I cannot hide. It’s a force irresistible.


When I needed to write a statement about these new pieces, this is what I came up with.

“My work explores avenues to presence, the endless details in the natural world that surround us and the inevitable reverence that rises in the face of beauty. I utilize many materials including precious and non precious metals, resin, and found natural objects to execute the pieces. My deepest desire is for the work to reflect this observed beauty and evoke deep remembering.”

It all starts with a good walk, willingness to surrender and remembering beauty everywhere.


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