Remembering a Special Set of Making Hands

No nonsense is the way I’d describe my Grandmother   Rebert.

She was born right down the street from my current studio and grew up mostly here in Braddock Heights. Raised by Inn Keepers in a vibrant community- what an unusual way to grow up.

Recently I learned she studied at Fashion Academy of New York after high school. This is not surprising as she was a true and talented maker; a seamstress, a knitter, and a homemaker.

I can remember visiting her in as a child and watching her hands as she would crochet a blanket.  Understandably in the 1930’s she chose a life as wife and mother rather than pursue her interest in fashion. She was married to my late grandfather Phillip Rebert for 67 years and raised 5 girls. One of which, my mother, full of exuberance and energy now, in her 70’s, must have been a handful. I am one of her 21 grandchildren. Between us we’ve given her 31 great grandchildren. I’m grateful for the important life lessons passed on to my sisters and I about making. Making what you can’t afford. Making because you can make it better than what you could buy. Making the best of things. Making a family. Hands that make are rare things these days. 
Your hands, Nana Rebert, will be greatly missed.

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