A Sapphire Beauty

A Sapphire Beauty

A Sapphire Beauty

This fall Stacey met with one of our local customers whose original sapphire engagement ring was showing signs of wear. After a few meetings, Stacey sketched out ideas and the two decided on a final design with a branch theme.

Our client, Molly was able to bring in some additional pieces she no longer wore to contribute to the project. The stunning ring now includes a bezel setting for the sapphire to ensure safety and security for years to come.

Molly is the executive editor and writer for Find It Frederick. We were honored when she offered to write a story about her experience creating a custom ring using pieces she already owned. Thank you Molly and all the Staff at Pulse Publishing for all your hard work!

Read the digital issue here:

 local customers can find copies distributed at businesses and nonprofits all around Frederick County

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