Amethysts For February

Amethysts For February

Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst is known as February’s birthstone, but it’s also the stone of Pisces (2/19-3/20). Amethysts represent loyalty, courage, determination, perseverance, and passion.

 Mythological Significance

Amethysts are mythologically tied to the Ancient Roman God Bacchus. Bacchus is the Roman persona of the Greek God Dionysus and represented agriculture, wine, and fertility. It was also believed in Ancient Greece that amethysts would keep a person from becoming too intoxicated. To benefit from amethyst’s powers people would wear amethyst jewelry while drinking and carve drinking glasses out of this stone. 

Amethyst History

Amethyst’s name originates from the Ancient Greek word for “not intoxicated” amethystos. This again stems from the ancient belief that amethysts would keep people from becoming too intoxicated. Amethysts are known for their purple color that can range from deep purple to lilac. Amethysts are most commonly found in Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, India, and Zambia.

 Amethyst has been historically used in jewelry and drink ware in Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. In Medieval Europe soldiers would wear amethyst amulets as protection in battle. It was also believed amethyst would keep a person cool-headed in battle and would help to heal them if wounded. 


Caring for Amethysts

Amethyst is a softer gemstone measuring around 7 on the Mohs Scale so it’s best to be more careful with amethyst stones than harder stones like diamonds. Most amethysts can be cleaned with soap, water, and a soft brush. You can also use ultrasonic cleaners.

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