Cherishing the Joy and Beauty of our Families

Cherishing the Joy and Beauty of our Families

A great example of a beautiful mother's ring, the "perfectly Imperfect" infinity band is an ideal design for customizing with birthstones or your favorite gemstones.

Our client came to the studio with a 20th anniversary band in mind. After meeting with Stacey, they decided to honor the whole family with a birthstone for husband and wife and birthstones for each of the children.

The ring is made in 14k gold and in addition to the 11 accent diamonds is set with rhodolite garnet, cognac diamond, alexandrite, tourmaline and citrine.

In creating the original design, Stacey was inspired by the imperfect details that arise naturally during the course of dedicated human endeavor and ultimately add to the beauty and perfection of the result.

In many ways a family is much the same, our families are messy and complicated. No matter how perfectly we plan for our lives and our children's lives the unexpected always seems to pop up.

In the end the habits and whims that each person brings to the dynamic, the mishaps and little inside jokes, dealing with the unexpected days talking it out late into the night, and the love and hard work we put into our relationships together create our most treasured and beautiful memories.

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