Cultivating Design

Cultivating Design

A new design may start out simply, but the road from concept to finished piece can be long and complex. Jewelry is a very unique art form; designs are realized not only visually, but also in terms of touch, balance, proportion, and personal style.

The initial inspiration is often sparked by visual design, perhaps a unique leaf shape or an architectural feature on a historic building, even the curl of a loose tendril on someone's shoulder. Our best and most popular collections combine great design visually and also wear comfortably, flow with a person's face or body shape and amplify their own personal style language.

When Stacey first creates a new design we often wear the pieces for several days around the studio. We ask ourselves many questions: is it comfortable, does it hit your desk or table, does it get caught on your clothes or in your hair? In many cases, the original design changes quite a bit in order to address all of these factors. It is a special kind of art to find the place where an original design concept can be honored while still meeting the practical aspects of comfort and wear.

Jewelry is also unique in that is takes own a life of its own once it's on the body. Pendants, earrings or bracelets each have their own language as they settle and sway with a person's daily movements. How a piece will move on the body is composed by it's shape. Cascading beads that dance in the sunlight as you turn your head add to the charm of a design, however earrings that frequently flip backwards or get stuck in the wire may end up needing a design tweak.

Understanding how the piece will move and lie on the body comes not only from and innate sense of form and design, but also from years of experience. As we focus on custom design, this sense of wearability combined with design language allows Stacey to capture what inspires her clients, while also guiding them to a design which they will wear comfortably and love for years to come.

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