Finding the Right Fit

Finding the Right Fit

Choosing the Best Precious Metals for your Projects

 Jewelry is personal and sentimental, it can represent emotions, milestones, love of one another, memories shared, and so much more. When it comes time to invest in a special piece, there can be lots of factors to consider. Understanding and knowing the right materials for you can help to make the decision a little easier.

Stacey works in precious metals including Gold, Platinum, and Palladium. These fine metals offer the best quality, durability and investment value for our clients.

18k gold Willow Hoop earrings and Anniversary Ring 


Gold has played a part in human history for thousands of years and remains today at the center of the world of fine jewelry. The rich tones of gold and its ability to endure through the ages has made it a perfect analogy for the sentiments of love. Pure gold is very soft and malleable, and therefore not a practical choice for wearable jewelry. Instead at the studio we prefer 18k, or 75% pure gold. The gold is mixed with metal alloys such as platinum, silver or palladium which improve the durability of the jewelry while still maintaining the rich warm color of pure gold. 14k, or 58% gold is also an option, with less pure gold content it is more affordable, however 14k gold can look a bit cooler or paler and does not have the richness of 18k.

White Gold

White gold is mixed with certain metals, usually in the platinum family, that give the gold a white color. White gold is made in the same purity levels as yellow and therefore is also available in 18k. In some cases jewelers plate the white gold in Rhodium which truly gives the gold a bright white- silvery look

18k White gold Anniversary Band

Rose Gold

Rose gold has recently gained popularity as an alternative choice to the typical white or yellow gold, and looks fantastic especially on warmer skin tones. The gold is mixed with copper to give a rosy pinkish gold color.

Rose gold solitaire engagement ring


Platinum is a fantastic choice for those who want the look of white gold without the maintenance. Platinum is the most dense of the metals we use in the studio and therefore also the strongest, creating very secure settings for precious stones and resisting scratches or wear and tear. Since platinum does not need to be mixed with other metals for strength it is very pure and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. However, Platinum is also the most expensive of all the metals we use in the studio. It is a relatively rare metal and since it is not mixed with metal alloys it can be quite pricey.

Platinum Anniversary ring with Sapphire and diamond


Palladium is in the same family as platinum and shares some of the same characteristics, however it is not quite as rare and therefore much more affordable. Palladium is a great choice for those who want a platinum or white gold look without breaking the budget. It is also less dense than platinum, and so it feels lighter on your hand and can be more comfortable. Because of its lighter density, palladium lends itself to intricate designs and detailed work. Palladium is very pure and also hypoallergenic like platinum while still maintaining its strength and durability. When polished to a high shine it looks nearly identical to platinum, making it a great alternative.

Matte-finish Palladium Engagement Ring


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