Incorporating Shape in Your Custom Design

Incorporating Shape in Your Custom Design

Diamonds and gemstones come in many shapes and cuts, each with unique attributes that focus on different characteristics of the stone. The type and quality of the cut can greatly alter the look of the final piece and are important to think about when planning a design. You never know 'till you ask! Here is some info about the most popular cuts and styles used today.


Round Cut (Brilliant)

Brilliant cut round diamonds are by far the most popular, representing more than two thirds of all diamonds sold. Brilliant cut stones are designed mathematically so that the cut and size of all the facets reflect and disperse the maximum amount of light back towards the observer's eye.  Round diamonds also tend to cost more than the other "Fancy cut" shapes because of the high demand, and because in order to achieve the exact measurements of the facet cuts, more of the original rough stone is usually lost.

Princess Cut

Princess cut stones have been rising in popularity and are the most popular of all the "Fancy Cuts". These stones are cut in a square shape with sharp corners. Princess cut diamonds are usually less expensive than brilliant cut diamonds because there is less waste when cutting out of the rough stone. Another advantage is that a princess cut diamond may actually have a smaller carat weight than a round diamond, and still look larger to the naked eye because of the large flat top. This makes princess a great way to maximize the look of a large diamond without breaking the bank.

Oval Cut

Oval cut stones are considered a modified brilliant cut style. This means they are also designed with specific proportions that allow for maximum light reflection and dispersion (brilliance and fire). Oval stones are a great choice for those who like the look of a round stone but want something a little more unique. Another advantage of an oval cut is that it tends to create the illusion of a longer and slimmer finger for the wearer.

Emerald and Baguette Cuts

Emerald and baguette cuts have a more unique look than most typical brilliant or modified brilliant cuts. They are usually rectangular in shape. Instead of focusing on brilliance and fire, these cuts focus on luster, whiteness and clarity of the diamond. With long linear areas of light and dark reflection, the stones tend to have a "Hall of mirrors" effect. The elegant look of the emerald and baguette cut was popular in years past and now has an antique look that's making a comeback.

Pear Cut

Pear cut stones are also considered a modified brilliant cut focusing on fire and brilliance. They are essentially a combination of both a round cut and a marquise cut (football shape) with one rounded end coming to a point at the other end. Pear cuts can also help to elongate the fingers of the wearer when worn with the point facing up towards the hand.

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