Jewelry As a Reflection of Love and Life

Jewelry As a Reflection of Love and Life

The most joyful day of my life; October 15th 2016, when I married my beloved Peter Brooks. We joined our families in a beautiful sunlight ceremony right in front of the studio at our home in Braddock Heights, MD. With our children and family surrounding us we spoke our vows, exchanged rings, sealed with a kiss and embraced in a group hug with our children.


A tidal wave of excitement and planning started in early Fall as we organized and beautified the studio, gardens and our home. I’m grateful for all the friends and family that helped make the day perfect. We are especially grateful to Katie Urquiza in her extraordinary efforts in orchestrating our perfect day.  
As a jeweler, I delighted in designing our wedding rings and wanted them to be a thoughtful representation of the themes of life that have been a foundation for our growing love of one another.

My ring is hand carved and cast in white gold. There are two joining tendrils.  The four main diamonds represent Peter and I, and each of our children; Donya (Peter's grandmother's diamond, given to me by his mother, Marylin Brooks), Zach and Ryan. The small diamonds surrounding the main diamonds represent 9 aspects of consciousness. These 9 words are also engraved in Peters leaf-impression band; Peace, Discipline, Love, Excellence, Depth, Clarity, Loyalty, Joy and Strength.  Ultimately the love in our hearts and the strength of what we have built together is something ineffable. I have been filled with love and joy not only for the special day we celebrated together, but for the love of so many family members and friends who shared this special moment with us.

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