Mixing Metals in Jewelry Design

Mixing Metals in Jewelry Design

Adding Interest to Design with Mixed Metals

 Incorporating different metals can be a fun and unique way to manipulate your design. Mixed metals have increased in popularity providing new opportunities for designers to play with color and evoke different aesthetics. Practically, many women enjoy wearing mixed metal pieces because it allows them to layer other jewelry pieces together.  Different shades of metal in a piece can highlight stones and design features or soften and lighten areas that require less emphasis.

Gold is a great option for incorporating color in your design. Not only can jewelry be made in white or yellow gold, but in a variety of colors. By adding certain alloys in small amounts gold colors can range from pale yellow to rosey pinks and reds, and even shades of green. Most recently, Stacey has enjoyed mixing shades of gold and palladium in the wonderful anniversary ring shown below.


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