The Freedom  to Create

The Freedom to Create

Alex contacted me in late July after we met at the Old Town Art Fair in Chicago, IL. He was planning to propose to his beautiful girlfriend and needed the perfect ring. He told me Gina loved rose gold, and that he wanted to incorporate a sapphire to bring out the blue in her eyes. He knew she loved my natural aesthetic and liked the pieces she saw in Chicago. This gave me the perfect starting point to begin a design for her.
From a designer's perspective, Alex was the best kind of client. After we spoke and decided on a general concept, he gave me the freedom to create whatever I felt would suit Gina best. It is the ultimate experience for an artist to work with someone who has complete faith in your work.
I hand built a sample of the ring, a variation of my branch design and got the final thumbs up from him. I suggested a Montana sapphire as the solitaire, one of my favorites. Montana sapphires are mined and cut in the US and have lovely undertones of teal, complementing the rose gold setting.
Once I knew Alex had the finished ring in hand, we were anxiously waiting news about the proposal. He told me his plan to surprise her with a picnic at the beach and even had his little cousin hide behind them to capture pictures of the proposal.
She Said Yes!

We were in tears when Alex contacted us last week to tell us his proposal was a success and she loved her ring! Projects like this one bring me back to my center; my reason for continuing the work I do each day. Learning the stories and creating the special pieces that mean the most.
Many thanks to Alex for entrusting me with this project, and to both Gina and Alex for sharing the moment with us, and allowing us to share it with you!

Congratulations Gina and Alex, may you both be blessed in love!

"I can't tell you how thrilled we are with your incredible work. The ring is perfect, Gina LOVES it. You have a lifelong customer in me. Thank you so much."

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