The Wisdom of Natural Simplicity

The Wisdom of Natural Simplicity

When my friend and fellow artist, Laura contacted me to ask about starting a project I was thrilled. Being an artist herself, Laura gave me complete creative freedom to design whatever I felt would embody her spirit and energy.

Laura is fun, colorful and has a beautiful flowing energy about her, that's what I wanted to capture. 
For her band, we settled on a modified version of the leaf wrap ring. The ring has lots of movement and a balanced asymmetry that feels natural.
Laura had several rubies and diamonds from heirloom pieces she wanted to incorporate in a new design we decided to make a second band that would fit together with her leaf band.

There was a design that I had been envisioning for a while at the time, and Laura's project became the perfect vehicle to bring it to life. Inspired by the imperfectly perfect asymmetry of the natural world, I began carving an infinity style band that would embrace her style and provide the proper setting for her beautiful stones.
The band was cast in 18k yellow gold. Once casting was complete I set each stone and began final refinement and polishing.

The end result reflects the wisdom of natural simplicity; the beauty of the variations and uniqueness of life which add elegance and beauty. 
In the truest sense a ring set that honors both the raw energy of life and the grace that time imparts within our lives.

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