Jewelry Means What It Means

Jewelry Means What It Means

When I dropped out of graduate school half way toward my Master’s Degree to pursue a career as an independent jewelry artisan I was deeply torn. Was I no longer going to serve others or worse was I being selfish to pursue self-expression over a career as a Social Worker? Fifteen years later I can say with confidence it was the right decision. I realize now I do serve others in a ways I couldn’t have imagined. Here are a few recent stories that stand out...


This past summer my Aunt Marti remarried in a loved filled ceremony. She had lost her husband eight years prior to cancer and has been blessed twice with Love. A year before they had asked me to make their wedding bands. They requested a simple matching carved leaf design. They were a joy to make. When I truly arrive and focus at my jeweler’s bench it is a deeply fulfilling mediation I’d never describe as “work”. It was during the ceremony when I witnessed the rings consecrated and rise to symbols of cherishing Love and enduring partnership that I was moved to tears.


This young bride sent a hand written note with a gorgeous photograph of her on her wedding day. She is simply stunning.


An interracial couple celebrating their wedding anniversary and honoring the Love that dissolved the early disapproval that surrounded them were asked to sit for a photo shoot for a New York Times article. She chose to wear the piece he purchased for her during the Philadelphia Flower Show. It suits her perfectly. It’s beautiful on her. They are beautiful.


This spring after two years of holding onto our InBloom business card with a description scribbled on the back a proud grandmother ordered a special bracelet as a graduation gift for granddaughter. She was heading to Notre Dame on full scholarship as an academic scholar and a Pole Vaulter! What an unusual combination. She sent me photographs of her and a link to her very moving graduation speech.


My fellow jewelry artist and friend Chrissy Gemmill requested a donation of special pieces for an Autism Awareness auction in honor of her son Marcus. It was awesome to be included in this event and brought me even closer to a dear friend that I admire.

There is no doubt in my mind that this life path is service. It is my job to sit at my bench and fully arrive in heart, mind and body then make something beautiful. What meaning is ascribed to all those pieces I’ll never know but makes my heart full to think of them out there.

Jewelry means what it means to the giver, the wearer and even those that surround them. I wish I knew all the stories of the pieces that we sell.  If you have one please send it to me because it keeps me going when things get challenging.