Resetting a Beautiful Stone

Resetting a Beautiful Stone

This Custom design was started in early spring and featured a ruby from our client's existing jewelry. Stacey worked with the customer to sketch out a design using a leaf and vine motif.
After getting approval from the client, the ring was first carved in wax by hand, then cast in 18k yellow gold.
Once the piece is cast in gold all final details are completed, including setting the customer's ruby, cleaning and smoothing edges, and polishing the ring.
Celebrating Love and Partnership

Celebrating Love and Partnership

In December, we met a lovely couple planning to renew their vows in the spring.
Both plant scientists, Stacey's designs were a perfect fit and she began work on new wedding bands for them. She was inspired by the long slender shapes of iris leaves, utilizing the leaves to create a central theme.
 The wedding bands were made with different techniques resulting in two totally unique rings, each one complimenting the other beautifully.
Stacey designed the men's band in 18k white gold using relief engraving. The engraved stippling effect surrounds and highlights a flowing leaf pattern.

The women's band was originally hand constructed in metal, then cast in gold. Small accent diamonds alternate among the leaves in this open design creating a more feminine and lightweight ring.
Iris Leaf Inspiration taken from some studio botanical textbooks
Starting the Season at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Starting the Season at the Philadelphia Flower Show

It's Flower Show Season!

There is no better cure for spring fever than the Philadelphia Flower show! Started in 1829, it is the longest running and largest horticultural event in the country. Filled to the brim with color, scent, art and design, it is truly the inspiration for a spring filled with beauty and new life.

The ten day event is definitely not for the faint of heart. I begin set up in Philadelphia a few days before opening weekend and once we open, customers can come and shop 12 hours a day each of the 10 days. I have learned the essentials over the years- lots of fresh fruit for snacking, hot tea and a really, really good pair of shoes are all must haves for the show.

At the end of the week, it is always worth the hard work. The display gardens and exhibits amaze and inspire each year. I relish meeting new customers and seeing return customers who have become more like good friends. If you have never experienced the show, take the time and travel in to the city at least once, you won't regret it!

I took all photos during the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show themed "Holland"