Honoring the Past and Embracing the Future

Honoring the Past and Embracing the Future

This past June, we had the pleasure of meeting a very special couple during the Frederick Festival of the Arts. They had been searching long and hard to find the right artist to redesign their wedding rings with no luck. After talking with Stacey, they decided to come in for an appointment. It was very important for them to maintain the original rings' design and feel. They wanted to incorporate the diamonds from her original set
customer's existing rings
As Stacey sketched out Ideas, they settled on a relief engraving style showcasing the celtic knot design the couple wanted for the new rings. She hand engraved the agreed upon design into their bands. For the woman's ring, Stacey bezel set the center diamond from the original set as well as small accent diamonds all the way around the band.
Together the finished rings make a beautiful matrimony set. Stacey was able to honor the client's original wedding rings, while crafting two new pieces they can enjoy for years into the future.
"We love our rings and can't thank you enough for creating something so beautiful and personal for us."
Nature's Profound and Varied Forms

Nature's Profound and Varied Forms

Humankind is uniquely positioned in the natural world; both as an inseparable part of mother nature, and at the same time, able to step outside ourselves to experience the power of nature's endless growth and evolution.
Biomorphic design has been a central part of our art in every culture. the lines, shapes and curves found in nature have defined our architecture, decor and visual design history. Natural forms provide perpetually new and profound design both as part of who we are, and as part of our connection to the world around us.
As a central partnership in our existence, the natural world has provided for mankind all things needed to thrive. In every aspect of daily life from sustenance, medicine, materials for clothing and construction, to beauty and reverence. It is no surprise that leaves, trees and flowers have come to hold deep symbolism and meaning in our lives.
The Acanthus leaf is the quintessence of this connection. Their beautiful shape is abundant in ancient design from the Mediterranean, China, India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The leaves have been used for everything from food storage to medicine and have come to symbolize immortality, longevity and healing. Their beautiful form can be found on everything from corinthian columns to fabric and paper.
As a modern jewelry designer, the forms and shapes of the natural world provide a resonance of the deeply meaningful history that connects us to the surrounding world.

An everlasting beauty and love that lives beyond every day trivialities.
Cultivating Design

Cultivating Design

A new design may start out simply, but the road from concept to finished piece can be long and complex. Jewelry is a very unique art form; designs are realized not only visually, but also in terms of touch, balance, proportion, and personal style.

The initial inspiration is often sparked by visual design, perhaps a unique leaf shape or an architectural feature on a historic building, even the curl of a loose tendril on someone's shoulder. Our best and most popular collections combine great design visually and also wear comfortably, flow with a person's face or body shape and amplify their own personal style language.

When Stacey first creates a new design we often wear the pieces for several days around the studio. We ask ourselves many questions: is it comfortable, does it hit your desk or table, does it get caught on your clothes or in your hair? In many cases, the original design changes quite a bit in order to address all of these factors. It is a special kind of art to find the place where an original design concept can be honored while still meeting the practical aspects of comfort and wear.

Jewelry is also unique in that is takes own a life of its own once it's on the body. Pendants, earrings or bracelets each have their own language as they settle and sway with a person's daily movements. How a piece will move on the body is composed by it's shape. Cascading beads that dance in the sunlight as you turn your head add to the charm of a design, however earrings that frequently flip backwards or get stuck in the wire may end up needing a design tweak.

Understanding how the piece will move and lie on the body comes not only from and innate sense of form and design, but also from years of experience. As we focus on custom design, this sense of wearability combined with design language allows Stacey to capture what inspires her clients, while also guiding them to a design which they will wear comfortably and love for years to come.