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About Custom Design 

About Our Custom Design Process

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The Story Of Stacey and Custom Design


Stacey’s designs are created in fine metals such as gold, platinum or palladium. Commissioned pieces are created in two different ways allowing us to work with most customer’s budget goals.  Clients can choose to work with an established original fine jewelry piece or create a custom design.

 Original Fine Jewelry Designs

These range from $600-2,500 in 18k gold. Stacey can modify the setting to fit your stones for a setting fee, or help you source new stones. Click here to view our fine jewelry collection:
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Custom Design

Stacey works with you to create an original design, hand carve the design in wax, then cast it in fine metal and refine/set stones to reach the final piece. Most custom hand carved designs range anywhere from $1800-3500 depending on the complexity of the design. More detailed information about custom design is included below.
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Custom Design Process

1st Meeting: Design
We will meet to go over your project ideas and decide if we would like to go forward working together to complete the design. There is no charge for this meeting. At this time we will decide on a general budget and time frame. I will also do any measuring or sizing I need, assess and document condition, size and quality of existing stones to be used and/or scrap metal value. This metal can be used as credit towards your project, however I cannot reuse the same metal in a new piece for you. If we decide to go forward with your project I will collect a 1/3 deposit at the end of this appointment.
2nd Meeting: Approval of Sketches or Waxes
At this meeting I will present to you sketches, waxes or metal molds to finalize the design. All details and final edits will be determined during the course of this meeting. After this meeting, the only adjustments should be for fit. A final budget will be established at this time and a second deposit will be due.
 Third Meeting: Pick up your piece
At this last meeting we will make any final sizing adjustments and I look forward to seeing you very happy with your finished piece. I will Photograph your piece and provide an appropriate value that can be used for insurance purposes. I will collect the final payment at this appointment.


Other FAQs about Custom Work:

How long does this take?

The length of time for this process varies greatly depending on the complexity of the project and the season. Our high seasons are around Valentines Day, Mothers Day and December Holidays. Generally speaking I spend 2-3 weeks on the initial design concepts and 2-6 weeks completing the piece. Most projects are completed within the 4-12 week time frame, However, I am always happy to work with my customer to meet a specific deadline whenever possible.

Can I reuse my gold or stones?

Yes, I can credit you for the scrap value of your precious metals. Depending on the condition of diamonds or gemstones we can use or integrate your stones into a new piece.

How much will this cost?

Cost is determined by many factors including the amount of time spent in the design process, complexity and degree of difficulty in executing design, metals used, and other factors. I can work with you toward a specific budget when necessary. See above for general price ranges.

Can I still work with Stacey if I'm not local?

Absolutely! Stacey is happy to work virtually with clients wherever they are and is committed to ensuring that you are included in every step of the design and production of your piece. We can schedule virtual meetings, send photos from first sketches, to final refinements, and insure packages for safe shipping.


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