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Jewelry tells our stories, let us help you tell yours.

Master Craftsmanship. Timeless Design. Traditional Techniques.

Join Contemporary Designer & Goldsmith Stacey Krantz in her beautiful Braddock Heights Studio to create your custom made jewelry piece. She specializes in traditional goldsmithing techniques including hand carved waxes, old world construction and precision stone setting. Rework existing heirloom pieces, reset loose stones or bring a new idea to life.  

"Happy Jewelry Recycling"

Transform your old pieces into something new you love. Bring in any fine jewelry pieces and use them towards your project!

If you are interested in working with Stacey on a custom piece,

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for a free consultation.

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 Custom Design Gallery

Gina's Sapphire and Damond Engagement Ring

Kim's Anniversary Redesign

Carol's Custom Sunstone Pendant

Theresa's Ruby and Diamond redesign

Susan's Custom Ruby and Diamond Pendant

 Pat's Tanzanite and Diamond Branch Ring


Sue's Sapphire and Diamond Redesign

Custom Pollen Necklace 

Kim's Family Birthstone Ring

Bobbie's Custom Branch Necklace with Heirloom Diamond Accents

Haley & Corey's Custom Wedding Set

Merry's Diamond and Sapphire Ring Redesign

Mik's Engagement Ring Design

Paula's Botanical Relief Anniversary Ring

Jessica's Wedding Set

Kathy's Custom Labradorite & Gold Earrings

Merry's Petal Wrap Ring

Kristen's Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Dan's Anniversary Ring Design

Cecelia's Diamond and Emerald Ring

Ruth's Hand Engraved Wedding Band

Shari's Red Diamond Ring

Lynda's Custom Design Lotus Ring

Elizabeth's Emerald Iris Earrings

Sylvia's Heirloom Diamond Redesign

Pete's Engagement Ring

Kathleen's Anniversary Ring: 3 diamonds for 3 decades 

Jared's Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Patricia's Diamond Engagement Remount 

Kathy's Custom Art Nouveau Labradorite Pendant

Peter & Lisa's Raw Diamond Wedding Set

Rita's Emerald and Tanzanite Ring

Kathy's Raw Ruby Pendant

Frances' Diamond Redesign and Setting 

  Kelly's Engagement Ring Redesign

Holly's Topaz and White Gold Wedding Earrings

Kathy's Custom Designed Lapis Ring

     Stacey's Wedding Band 

Noah's Promise Ring

Kim's Customized Tendril Necklace with Tanzanite and Diamond 

  Michele's Wedding Set Re-Design 

Roberta's Heirloom Diamond Willow Necklace 

       Cheryl's Diamond Re-Design


Stephanie's Engagement and Heirloom Redesign

Joanna's 20th Anniversary Ring 

    Rosemary's Aquamarine Ring 

       Gina's Ring to Necklace Design

Lily's Engagement Ring


 Betsey's Diamond & Sapphire Ring

         Michele's 50th Anniversary Ring


    Linda's Custom Pearl Necklace and Earrings


Susan's Heirloom Re-Design


   Amanda's 20th Anniversary Ring


Sarah's Wedding Necklace

              Karen's Custom Willow Earrings 


     Holly's Engagement & Wedding Band



Rachana's Diamond Solitaire


Martin's Bridal Cuff Links


   Adam & Haley's Wedding Set

           Michelle's Engagement & Wedding Band


Michelle's Bridal Jewelry


  Kathy's Anniversary Earrings

              Margaret & Kendra's Heirloom Necklaces


  Heather's Promise Ring


Mary's Diamond Stud Set


Mary's Mushroom Necklace


Johnathan's Cuff links


Custom Design Process

1st Meeting: Design

We will meet to go over your project ideas in detail and decide if we would both like to go forward with working together to complete the design. There is no charge for this meeting. At this time we would decide on a general budget and time frame. I will also do any measuring or sizing I need, assess and document condition size and quality of existing stones to be used and/or scrap metal value. This metal can be used as credit towards your project, however I cannot re-use the metal in a new piece for you.

2nd Meeting: Approval of Sketches or Waxes

At this meeting I will present to you sketches, waxes or metal models to finalize the design. All details and final edits will de determined during the course of this meeting. After this meeting, the only adjustments will be for fit. A final budget will be established at this time, and a 50% deposit will be due.

Third Meeting: Pick up your piece

At this last meeting we will make any final sizing adjustments and I look forward to seeing you very happy with your finished piece. I will photograph your piece, and provide an approximate value that can be used for insurance purposes.

How long does this take?

The length of time for this process will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the season. Our busiest seasons are around Valentines Day, Mothers Day and December Holidays. Generally speaking I spend 2-3 weeks on the initial design concepts and 2-6 weeks completing the piece. A 3-12 week time frame is required for any one of a kind piece. I am always happy to work with my customer to meet a specific deadline when needed.

 Other Frequently asked Questions about Custom Work:

Can I reuse my gold or stones?

Yes, I can credit you for the scrap value of your precious metals. Depending on the condition of diamonds or gemstones we can use or integrate your stones into a new piece.

How much will this cost?

Average project costs range from $1000 for simple designs to $3000 for very complex pieces. Cost is determined by many factors including the amount of time spent in the design process, number os stones to be set, complexity and degree of difficulty in executing design, metals used, and other factors. I can work toward a specific budget when necessary. 

If you are interested in working with Stacey on a custom piece,

call (240-490-8038) text (240-285-8517)
or email
for a free consultation.