Custom Jewelry Frederick, MD

Whether you are searching for a way to commemorate a wedding anniversary or a major professional milestone, a custom jewelry piece can capture your feelings in a gorgeous memento you can keep forever. When it comes to celebrating life’s best moments, a run-of-the-mill piece of jewelry won’t do. Our custom jewelry in Frederick, MD can take existing pieces or your vision and transform them into gorgeous new jewelry pieces. 

What Custom Jewelry Does InBloom Jewelry Offer? 

To help meet the needs of our customers with existing pieces they would like to transform into something new and clients who need something crafted from scratch, we offer both original fine jewelry designs and custom designs. Stacey Krantz, our award-winning custom jewelry designer and goldsmith, can modify the setting of a piece to fit your stones, help you find new stones that match your vision or make modifications to a fine jewelry piece.  

Our custom designs are ideal for clients who want an entirely original design. Stacey will work one-on-one with you to hand carve your vision in wax, cast it with fine metal and refine and set stones to create the final piece. Tell the story that you’ve always dreamed of telling with help from InBloom Jewelry and our custom jewelry in Frederick, MD. 

What Is the Custom Jewelry Design Process?

We have streamlined the custom jewelry design and creation process to span three meetings. First, we will meet to discuss your project ideas and see if we are the best fit to deliver the piece you are looking for. The first consultation is always complimentary, and it will also include a budget estimate and time frame. Stacey Krantz will also complete the measuring and sizing processes, assess and document the condition of any existing stones or pieces you would like incorporated and determine the scrap metal value of any contributed metals. While metal cannot be reused in a new piece, it can be credited towards the value of your project.

During the second meeting, Stacey Krantz will show you the sketches, waxes or metal molds that she carefully developed to represent your vision. This is to finalize the design for your custom jewelry in Frederick, MD. Once everything has been finalized, the only additional adjustments needed should be fit-related. The cost of the final piece will also be confirmed based on the approved design.

At the third and final meeting, we can complete any necessary final sizing adjustments so that you can leave with your gorgeous, finished custom jewelry piece. For your records and insurance purposes, we will provide you with photographs of your piece and an appropriate value that you can utilize. Depending on when you need your custom jewelry in Frederick, MD, it could take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to complete your project from start to finish. If you have a specific deadline in mind, we are happy to work with you to meet it.

If I Live Outside of Frederick, Can I Still Order Custom Jewelry? 

Yes! InBloom Jewelry is very flexible and can work with you virtually from wherever you are located. Despite the distance and virtual nature of our interactions, we will continue to go above and beyond to include you in the design and production processes. All packages are insured for safe shipping, and we can provide you with photos, sketches and other resources to see your piece as it progresses.

Where Can I Purchase Custom Jewelry in Frederick, MD?

InBloom Jewelry is proud to offer high-quality custom jewelry in Frederick, MD. Our award-winning custom jewelry designer and goldsmith, Stacey Krantz, has carefully honed her design aesthetic and technical skills to meet the needs of our discerning customers. With over two decades of experience studying under master jewelry makers, Stacey and the InBloom Jewelry team can meet your custom jewelry needs for any occasion. To learn more, call us today at (240) 285-8517.