Custom Jewelry Hagerstown, MD

Jewelry is one of the most timeless and traditional ways that many of us connect with the past and carry a piece of it with us into the future. Whether you want to commemorate a professional milestone or celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary, a custom jewelry piece is the perfect way to do so. Instead of finding a generic piece that has an impersonal feel, working with an experienced artisan will get you a stunning result that makes the recipient feel truly special. InBloom Jewelry offers beautiful custom jewelry in Hagerstown, MD that turns your vision into reality.

What Custom Jewelry Does InBloom Jewelry Offer?

Stacey Krantz, our award-winning custom jewelry designer and goldsmith, creates a broad variety of custom jewelry in Hagerstown, MD. Her design expertise and skills as a goldsmith are apparent in her original fine jewelry designs and her custom pieces. Aside from creating fully custom pieces, InBloom Jewelry can also match new stones to an existing piece, modify existing fine jewelry or alter the setting of a piece to suit your stone.

For discerning customers who want something one-of-a-kind, our custom jewelry in Hagerstown, MD is perfect. Stacey will work directly with you through every stage of the creation process to tell the story that you have always dreamed of telling through a striking piece of wearable art. InBloom Jewelry will hand-carve your custom piece in wax, cast it using fine metals, refine the design and set the stones to create your masterpiece. 

What Does the Custom Jewelry Design Process Look Like?

InBloom Jewelry creates unique custom jewelry in Hagerstown, MD, and our process is streamlined but thorough. The custom jewelry design process takes place over three meetings. At the first meeting, you will work directly with Stacey to talk about your project and your vision, and to determine whether we are the perfect fit to make your piece. The first meeting is complimentary and includes an estimated budget and time frame so that you can make an informed decision. During the first meeting, Stacey will also complete the measuring and sizing processes, assess and document the existing pieces or stones you would like to include and assess the scrap metal value of any contributed metals. While we cannot utilize metal in a new piece, we can credit the value to your new custom piece. 

During the second meeting, Stacey will have sketches, waxes and metal molds that capture your vision ready for your review. These are the exact items that will be used to create your finished jewelry piece. The second meeting is when your design will be approved and finalized so that Stacey can begin the production process. The only revisions past the second meeting will be fit-related and minor adjustments. If any adjustments to the initial estimate are required, we will also finalize them. 

The final meeting is when you get to go home with your gorgeous custom jewelry piece. Final sizing adjustments will be made and you will receive a value and photographs that can be used for insurance purposes or for your personal records. From start to finish, the process to create custom jewelry in Hagerstown, MD can take 4-12 weeks. If you have a strict deadline, we can work with you to discuss your options and help you meet it.

If I Live Outside of Hagerstown Can I Order Custom Jewelry from InBloom Jewelry?

Our clients are located throughout Maryland and throughout the world. We can work with you virtually from wherever you are located via phone calls, video chat or email. We will provide you with photos, sketches and regular updates as your piece is created so that you can stay involved in the design process. Your final jewelry piece will be shipped in insured packaging and packed well.

Where Can I Purchase Custom Jewelry in Hagerstown, MD?

InBloom Jewelry is the preferred designer and jeweler for high-quality custom jewelry in Hagerstown, MD. Our award-winning custom jewelry designer and goldsmith, Stacey Krantz, has honed her design aesthetic and technical skills to meet the needs of our discerning customers. With over two decades of experience studying under master jewelry makers, Stacey and the InBloom Jewelry team can meet your custom jewelry needs for any occasion. To learn more, call us today at (240) 285-8517.