InBloom Heroes

Celebrating those for whom service comes naturally

InBloom Heros was created to raise funds and awareness for very special InBloom Jewelry customers. I greatly admire people who act selflessly in an effort to meet a need in their community, and who chose to see potential, opportunities and beauty instead of despair. Partnering with these community heroes is a great honor and pleasure.

You can help…..

Meet our 2017 InBloom Heroes: Ed and MaryLynn Hinde

Ed and MaryLynn are the epitome of what InBloom Heroes represent. They started out simply as community members who saw a need and took the initiative to fill that need. Ed and MaryLynn are the founders of SHIP, Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership of Frederick County. SHIP began in 2014 after Ed received an email from a local school administrator seeking new clothing for a 12 year old student in Frederick County. Ed was shocked to hear of the student’s experience and after he shared the email with friends, donations began to pour in. Eventually what started as a few friends pooling resources to help students in need became a Facebook page and now a nonprofit organization with more than 3,000 volunteers called “SHIPmates”.
SHIP’s mission is to fulfill the immediate needs of homeless students and their families while they are waiting for support or long term help. It’s only requirement is that the services benefit a child, identified as homeless by federal law who is a student in Frederick County Public Schools. SHIP now coordinates directly with local schools’ homeless coordinators and and reaches out to their SHIPmates to find specific resources students need. These could include anything from a temporary place to stay to clean clothes or furniture to funds for a school trip or extracurricular activity.

Learn more about SHIP and become a SHIPmate by visiting



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Stacey designed this pendant specifically with Ed, MaryLynn and SHIP in mind. The many small petal shapes are all working together to support the diamond at the center. This idea of synergy and collaboration is at the heart of what SHIP provides to our community, many hearts and hands working together to create something beautiful, reminding us that each child is important, each life is special and deserves to be loved and embraced in our community. 

All sales of “Embrace” support SHIP of Frederick County

When you purchase “Embrace” designed specially in honor of Ed and MaryLynn, whether for yourself or as a gift to someone special, know that you are helping a student right here in Frederick County. In the 2015-16 school year, there were homeless children located in 61 of the 66 public schools of Frederick County. SHIP of Frederick provides the immediate resources that allow these students what every child deserves.

Available in 2 levels of support:
Level 1: Sterling Silver pendant. 16-18” adjustable snake chain $100
Level 2: Sterling Silver with 18k gold bezel set .1ct diamond accent (as shown) $340






Meet our 2016 InBloom Hero: Kimberly Plank Edmands


The first thing you notice about Kim is her warmth. She insists on positivity, with her sparkling eyes and beautiful smile, one is immediately enveloped by her glow. Compassion towards herself and others is her constant philosophy, although she has endured an immense loss. Kim lost the eldest of her three sons, Bryant, ten years ago.                                                  

One of the many things I adore about Kim is her unwavering and sensitive celebration of her son. Her creative memorialization of his life takes on many forms. In one form it is the Memorial Garden she built and planted at their home. It grows and silently bears witness the family’s ongoing life, while providing oasis, cultivating healing and attracting countless butterflies. She has had the incredible strength to navigate through her grieving process and become an essential advocate for the bereavement community of Frederick County













We have chosen Kim as our 2016 InBloom Hero to celebrate and support her efforts through the Frederick Chapter of the Compassionate Friends. As Chapter Leader, Kim facilitates a monthly support group that provides assistance to parents/adult family members after the death of child. She has hopes to expand their reach by offering bereavement care kits, planning bereavement retreats, sponsorships for national conferences, and creating a community children’s memorial garden

Kim’s entire career has been devoted to nurturing and supporting others. Currently Kim is a Service Coordinator for the Frederick County Infant and Toddlers Program. She is in her thirteenth year working with children with developmental disabilities and their families, The Program provides essential early intervention services to county children and their families in need. Kim began her career at Heartly House where she worked from 1997 - 2006, serving in various capacities ranging from College Intern, Crisis Worker, Shelter Worker and Hotline Manager. Last year she felt the calling to return to her roots and she is currently a part-time SAFE advocate, providing assistance to victims of sexual assault/domestic violence



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Stacey has designed this butterfly pendant called “Transformation” as a fundraiser for our 2016 InBloom Hero Kimberly Plank Edmands.

All sales of “Transformation” support the Frederick County Chapter of Compassionate Friends.


In purchasing “Transformation” for yourself or others you are helping to support parents suffering the loss of a child. The Frederick County Chapter of Compassionate Friends provides much needed support for grieving parents as they navigate through their immense loss.

Available in 2 levels of support:
Level 1: Sterling Silver pendant. 16-18” adjustable snake chain $100
Level 2: Sterling Silver with 18k gold bezel set .1ct diamond accent (as shown) $340




Meet our inaugural InBloom Hero: Shari Ostrow Scher

I’ve known Shari since childhood and always look forward to a visit with her. I can visualize the collective nod from her family, friends and colleagues when I say that in her presence, one only feels cherished. 

Without hesitation she loves, she accepts, and always strives to lift others up. I’m so delighted to have her as our inaugural InBloom Hero, as she truly exemplifies our goal of “honoring those for whom giving comes naturally” by raising awareness and funds for their organizations.

When we first talked about this idea, I asked Shari to identify a theme for the piece we were to create together. She came up with "resilience". We found inspiration in the elegant lines of the ancient gingko tree leaf, and I designed this pendant we are offering for sale.

The children and families COIPP serves truly are resilient. When you purchase and enjoy wearing or gifting this pendant called “Resilience,” please know you are helping an extraordinary woman and her volunteers bring joy, encouragement and inspiration to a special group of children and their caregivers.


Available in 2 levels of support:
Level 1: Sterling Silver pendant. 16-18” adjustable snake chain $100
Level 2: Sterling Silver with 18k gold bezel set .1ct diamond accent (as shown) $340

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About Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP)

Having a parent in prison is life changing for a child. Some children act out due to the trauma, while others never speak about it. However, all suffer worry and feel their life change. This happened to me, and happens everyday to thousands of children. 

With this in mind, twelve years ago I decided that I could not wait any longer to start a group to support these children. Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (COIPP), a non-sectarian, non-profit organization, was born.

Our mission is to assist children and their caregivers who are impacted by the incarceration of a loved one and to raise community awareness of the needs of this population. Thanks to a group of incredible volunteers, much has been accomplished. This includes giving away warm, homemade ‘comfort blankets and quilts’ to children and caregivers, offering scholarships to women caregivers, offering a lending/giving children’s library at the local detention center, offering resource bag giveaways at our annual Resource Fair at the Detention Center, facilitating support groups for caregivers, offering weekly parenting classes to women at the local jail, and so much more. 

We are about to begin child/caregiver weekend activities, free to all participants. Most importantly, caregivers now have a place to call when they find themselves in great need, emotionally, socially and even financially. In our country, we honor children who have a parent in the military, but we do not do so for those with a parent in jail. However, it is all about the same issue for the children- loss. 

We are only at the beginning of what we can do, for many prisoners have many children- all of whom need attention, support and a hand up to meet their potential.


To Donate directly visit

Get to know Shari Ostrow Scher in her own words.

I grew up in Brooklyn New York and lived there through college. I have also lived in Buffalo, New York, Washington, DC, Charles County, Maryland and for almost thirty years in Frederick. For all of this time, almost fifty years, I have been involved in education, with a special interest in working with those families that struggle financially or have special needs.
That interest started early and never left. In truth, I never took a year off as my career in teaching and administering programs took me to the inner city, rural areas, and on national speaking engagements. I had the great honor of working in childcare, public schools, community colleges, four year institutions, and more. For twenty-seven years I had the honor of being the early childhood curriculum specialist/family involvement supervisor for Frederick county Public Schools, from which I retired less than two years ago.


My life in semi-retirement is busy and wonderful. I am presently working at Hood College, teaching student teachers and graduate students, as well as speaking on different topics of interest in a variety of states. I have been fortunate enough to be the President and Founder of both Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership and another non-profit, Children of Hope, Children of Promise, an organization that has put together a library in a rural area of the Dominican Republic.
My husband and I, and anyone else who wishes to come, travel to the DR at least once a year, with books carried down in our suitcases, and add to our library with new, Spanish resources. I have also traveled extensively to countries all over the world, including places of poverty such as Uganda, Kenya, Morocco, Tanzania, Ecuador, Viet Nam, Peru and more.



                                                      Whenever possible, whenever traveling, I try to visit schools or orphanages, and carry down supplies or assist with the building of a school, for I firmly believe that education is the way out of poverty and therefore every child deserves the best education possible. 

Besides loving to travel, I am an avid reader, participant in two book clubs, cook, pet lover, fast walker, eater of chocolate, Zumba and Bang participant- and someone with, I am told boundless energy.

I adore my many friends and spending time with them, usually with an iced tea in my hand. However, the very best part of my life is my family that includes my husband Howie, who never, ever tires of supporting my efforts, my fabulous children, Jedd, Ben and Jennifer, my daughter-in-law Christina, my dog Greta, all of whom are my cheerleaders, and, of course, a grandmother’s dream, the wonderful Anna.

Thank you for all you've done for your community!