Judy - A Symbol To Touch, Adorn and Enjoy

A Symbol to Touch, Adorn, and Enjoy

A symbol to touch, adorn and enjoy while only a whisper of what was, helps one arrive at acceptance. This is what I’ve discovered, and it was a pleasure in this case of Judy, her mother and their love of nature.

 “My mother Claire lived her life quietly. She was one of five children raised by her mother, Dorothy on a bookkeeper's salary. Claire and my Dad, Paul met on a blind date. They soon married and raised three children, two girls and a boy. While my Dad worked six days a week, Claire stayed home to raise us, put a proper meal on the table every night, run us to all of our activities and made sure we did our chores and homework."

"My Mom and Dad taught us the importance of putting our family first and being involved in our community. To make it a better place by the way you live your life. During her last few years, Claire’s health was fragile, but she maintained her gentle spirit, humor and grace. Once when she thought a doctor was simply not listening, she scolded him. After that he always took time to ask her how she was doing - and he listened closely. She helped make him a better doctor. Sadly, Claire left us in July 2017."

 "We all grieve and experience things differently. After some time had passed, her loss became less painful. I wanted to create a reminder of my Mom’s beautiful spirit."

 Claire loved beautiful things; her family, her home, her garden, her mountain views and her bling. Her taste in jewelry was traditional. I knew Stacey could take a fancy cocktail ring and make it over into something beautiful and wearable that would combine memories of my Mom and her love of nature.

 Armed with a few rough sketches for a pendant, Stacey and I began our project. She stayed in touch and presented options for the pendant design based on wearability, cost and design possibilities, making the whole process easy and collaborative.

 The end result is a spectacular touchstone that makes me feel close to my Mom whenever I wear it. I am grateful.”