One of a Kinds

Recently at a show a woman said to me, "When I look at your jewelry, all I see is Peace!"

This meant a great deal to me because there are two things that bring me the most satisfaction as an artist; the connection with people and the deep peace that comes while immersed in creating. My work relies on discovering and rediscovering avenues to presence, allowing me to truly see the endless details in the natural world that surround us and to express the inevitable reverence that rises in the face of beauty.

I utilize many materials including precious and non precious metals, resin, and found natural objects to execute the pieces. I love to combine very precise constructed metalwork with natural, messy, imperfect directly cast elements. My deepest desire is for the work to reflect the natural precision in nature and to offer a remembrance that beauty is everywhere. - Stacey Krantz

One of A Kind Gallery

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Open Frame with Leaf Casting Cutout and Diamond Accent


Leaf and Pearl Hinge Necklace


Sterling and Gold Leaf Floral Pins


Mushroom Slide Necklace with Pearls


Resin & Mushroom Pendant


Ginkgo Brooch with Rutilated Quartz


Mushroom & Pearl Bar Necklace


Mushroom Necklace with Handmade Chain


Mushroom & Pearl Pendant



Ginkgo Necklace with Pearl Accent


By The Sea


Resin Collage Pendants


     Through The Window


Tree Lichen Necklace 


Toasting Rings 


     Budding Branch Hoop Earrings


Solid Fragility


 New Love


Tree Lichen Necklace and Earrings


Erosion Branch Brooch
Vanishing Bee
 Rectangular Collages
The Three Centers
Small Resin Collages
Collage Pendants
Us Two



 Lichen Brooch


Collage Pendants



Hydrangea & Mushroom Bar Necklaces