$1,100.00 USD

This stunning diamond solitaire ring was originally created as a smaller and more light weight version of our large sage statement ring. Stacey hand carved flowing leaf shapes in wax first, then cast in white gold. The ring shown with a yellow gold setting for its 1ct. diamond. but the setting can be modified to suit a gemstone you already own or would like to purchase for the setting.

*Prices as shown include the setting only. If interested please contact us at 240-285-8517 or to begin the diamond/gemstone selection process.

All prices are subject to variability based on daily market values. customers may request a specific gemstone or precious metal, prices vary depending on requested options
*Stacey can set customer's personal gemstone or diamond for a setting fee
**Diamond prices vary widely, quoted here is a high quality stone at market price. This design can be easily adapted for different sized stones